Beware of the FORUM Patrol

I mean talk about negativity, I asked a simple question in regards to my page getting attention

from other users, and I was bashed just for posting it in the forum, I mean my general thought was that I could get some advice

or help, instead people try to pour their negative sentiments from their obviously miserable lives out on the new comer, so I chose to take the high road, when I very well would have cursed someone out in any other scenario #Goobers #IgnorantSmartMindedPeople #horribleRepresentationofthissite

How to piss off your Dad

First start by announcing that he’s not very helpful….

second declare that when he gets older and needs help you will remember to tell him the same

things he told you when you asked him for help…\\

now get ready because this next step is crucial….

SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS I HATE THIS DAMN HOUSE…….. lol……… and once you’ve made your

father so mad he’s yelling at you and practically talking to his self… slap on your headphones and start humming the words to the song your listening too……. I guarantee you when you take them off he’ll still be talking 15 minutes later!! or maybe that’s just my dad o__O

#blogging101 #itworks #followme #followme #@chic_bakkoffmyhair

Why they Can’t Legalize Marijuana in all 50 states

Its honestly quite obvious as to why they cannot, and they wont

Because they would half to keep the system just by most likely releasing or shortening the sentences of all those persons they’ve previously arrested for the sale of Marijuana, considering the fact that they made it legal anyway.

I mean if it should actually happen. Think about it. The system would officially become a walking contradiction.. …. #blogging101 #speakingmymindleaf

Turn Down for what ??><??

So I have this friend right, and we= friend + Other mutuals had all planned to turn up for the new year, Unfortunately someone I know as a very valued friend decicded she wasn’t attending then not even 24 hrs following the new years eve turn up.. shes calling wanting to turn up on Friday! Hell im still in recovery from new years…. and they say turn down for what….. O_o


Yea.. About Last night (FastFood Rant)

So assuming Im not the only one in the world who may get the munchies and crave some good food after the 12 o’clock hour, I would half to say that going out to fast food deffinatley has its do’s and dont’s time wise when it comes to eats, and one may beg to differ but until you’ve experienced the after hour HELL in a drive thru I really would consider that median irrelevant

So lets get started shall we….

Im not sure I can speak for all states, but here in texas we have this company called wataburger and when I tell you, I moved  here from the east coast and absolutely fell in love with this fast food chain in particular I mean talk about giving Mc’donalds a run for their money. the only thing is after 9pm, REGARDLESS of the location wataburger is in it is BUSY…. but I would still visit wataburger over Mcdonalds and Jack in the box anyday…

I recently had a horrible experience at a franchise establishment for Jack in the box which I will explain further in another blog..

however I have some goodies for you dolls Just wait for it!!!